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Welcome to the Bonikka Family!

Our collection of beautifully handcrafted rag dolls is created around the concept of family and the bond that ties us together. Gifting a Bonikka doll to a young one in our lives, conveys our enduring love for them letting them know we will always stand behind them in their journey through life… just like family!

Bonikka addresses a universal need we all have for someone familiar to share experiences with, confide in and provide comfort. The term familiar, from familiaris in Latin, literally means "to be like family”. Bonikka dolls are about exactly that, each doll is a friend, waiting to be adopted by some special child as their favourite companion, ready to provide comfort whenever needed.

Meet Some of Our Bonikka Dolls

Bonikka Story

The Bonikka Family

Bonikka Adoption Certificate

In accordance with Bonikka regulations, each doll must be officially adopted by the gift recipient. To do so, place your right hand on your heart and make the following declaration.

"Officially, and with all my heart, I promise to care for (Name I Give My Doll), my Bonikka doll, to love and treat her as family, share my secrets with, and include in my activities."

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BONIKKA® SHARE THE LOVE™ Caring for Underprivileged Girls Project