World’s first organic (GOLS) rubber toy brand

Production Process



We strive to manufacture our toys responsibly adhering to the strong standards and processes which reflects our commitment to safe working conditions for our employees, ethical labour practices and environmental stewardship. The process of responsible and ethical manufacturing practices are not new to Tikiri toys. We have gone through many on-going changes in order to make our packaging and products more sustainable. We moved from using virgin fibre stuffing over to PET re-cycled stuffing over 10 years ago and offer not only re-cycled PET stuffing but also Corn fibre stuffing and GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified cotton stuffing to all our buyers. We obtained our GOTS certification from Control Union several years ago and we are very proud to be in the for front of the worlds GOTS manufacturer list. We are gradually moving most of our production to natural and recycled materials but do offer polyester-based toys to specific customers who need toys for price-sensitive markets.

Production of natural rubber toys which started in 2015 was yet another move to supply the world with an alternative to plastic-based toys which dominates the world toy market at 90%. In the packaging front, we moved to the use of biodegradable plastic bags a couple of years ago and do our best to minimise the use of packaging materials as much as possible while ensuring that there is very little damage to the toys while in transit.

Design & Development


Our experienced design team are experts at transforming customer requirements into reality while continuously working with our brands to add value and fine tune designs, ensuring the best version of each product makes it onto the shelves.




The DSL factories in Biyagama & Galle produce between 250,000- 275,000 soft toys each month, we also produce 60,000 to 75,000 rubber toys a month. Our staff across the company are well-trained and skilled to handle all of our in-house work and state-of-the-art equipment such as automated fabric laminating & laser cutting machines, mould making and embroidery. We also have a quality control laboratory which is fully equipped to carry out all conventional in-house safety tests as well as highly sensitive metal & needle detection machines to further ensure the highest possible standards of dependability.

Product Safety


Natural, sustainable and recycled materials and manufacturing make our products safe for infants, babies and children of all ages, meeting all the required safety standards. To read more about our safety standards click HERE.


Natural Rubber Toy Production


DSL rubber products are 100% sourced locally here in Sri Lanka from our own plantations where processes of responsible farming, preservation and re-forestation procedures helps ensure our products are developed in an environmentally sustainable manner. The entire design, moulding, baking and painting processes are managed in-house at our purpose built facility enabling us to ensure optimum quality. To read more about our rubber production click HERE.


Organic Toy Production


We are the only Sri Lankan company engaged in the manufacture of organic soft toys. DSL maintains the stringent sourcing & production standards that are required to be Certified Organic. DSL is GOTS and an OCS certified company under Control Union. To read more about our organic production click HERE.