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Our Top 10 Tips to Help a Baby Sleep at Night

March 24, 2021

Sleeping Baby with Tikiri Rubber Toys

help baby sleep

Hippo Bath Toy & Rattle - Photo thanks to @melkbosmom 

Getting your baby to sleep at night and all through the night can be a real stress for parents. Let's face it - lack of sleep is enough to make the happiest of people a little tired and grumpy. 

The good news is there are lots of ways you can help avoid bed time tantrums and 3am wake up calls. We have collated our 10 top tips to help your baby sleep at night based on ours and our customers experiences and also expert knowledge from baby care specialists. 

10 Tips to Help a Baby Sleep at Night 

1. Follow a consistent routine avoiding too much excitement just before bed - If your baby gets overly excited just before they go to sleep they are very unlikely to get drowsy easily. Also we know as adults our natural body clock tells us when we usually go to bed as we get tired at a certain time. Babies work in the same way and adopt a routine really well.  

2. Make bedtime a positive time that babies look forward to. Often you hear the term 'bed time' used in a negative way such as when a baby/child has been naughty. If you make it something they look forward to e.g. it comes with their favourite toy or bedtime story then it will be much easier! Our customers have found that many of their babies sleep well with their favourite toy from one of our cute animal collections

Help baby sleep

Sheep Bath Toy and Rattle - Photo thanks to @inside_out_toys_uk

3. Keep afternoon naps consistent which will avoid over tiredness and maintains a routine. Some parents have woken up their baby too early which actually rises their stress hormones which can wake them up in their next nap according to Heather Turgeon - author of  The Happy Sleeper

4. Get your baby to bed early - Getting your baby to bed early can mean a longer sleeping pattern - it sounds counter intuitive doesn't it? It has actually been found that babies who go to sleep earlier often sleep for longer. 

unicorn baby toy

Cotton Candy Baby Teether - Photo thanks to @mapetiteolive

5. Use an auto-wake up light - if you have a toddler who is an early riser try using black out blinds and an auto wake-up light that comes on when you want them to wake up. This won't necessarily work with babies when they are feeding and get hungry but can be useful with toddlers who go longer between feeds. 

6. Don't rely on soothing methods - Soothing methods such as cuddling, rocking, patting etc can get addictive. If you always do this then your baby will rely on it every single time and get hooked when in fact they can get to sleep without them. 

7. Avoid too many gadgets - electronics or anything overly stimulating just before bedtime can cause over stimulation. It goes without saying that an overly stimulated baby will lead to difficulties switching off as it does with adults. 

8. Give a last feed whilst your baby is drowsy - If you can give them a last feed later on when they are drowsy they likely to go straight back to sleep and should reduce the number of times they need to feed through the night (depending on their age).

9. Make your baby feel secure and loved before bed - An insecure baby is likely to be an unsettled one. This not only can be through your love but also it's ok for them to sleep with their favourite toy so they don't feel totally alone. If they wake up in the night they still have their cuddly friend alongside them.

Baby sleeping tips

Meiya Lovey & Teether - Photo thanks to @meiyaandalvinpolska

10. Do some baby stretches - Take a look at these 4 stretches which you can do with your baby to help them fall asleep from 

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