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Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020

February 11, 2020

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for us, we are launching new products, we are finalising orders and we start our world tour of trade fairs. 

The year starts with Hong Kong then we head to Germany, then over to the States. 

At the trade fair in Nuremberg, we got to meet lots of our lovely customers old and new. Our new lines were well received and as always we were kept busy with visitors. 

It was lovely to meet so many of our customers and catch up on news, finding out what works for them, their favourite products and of course share our delicious Sri Lankan snacks with you all. 

Lilith the Lama was selected to be showcased in the Trends Gallery - Showing the best new toys for 2020. 

They selected her because of the really positive eco message as Lilith is made using only pure natural latex from our plantations and food grade paints made from vegetable pigments.

Then last but not least .... we WON, yes WON the best Ethical Gift Of The Year award from the gift association in the UK. 

Our lovely Mano was there with Peter our UK agent to collect this wonderful award on behalf of Tikiri, we feel very honoured to have received the award, and we will continue to ensure that all our products are ethically made with love.

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