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Working At DSL

At DSL we are committed to ensuring a positive, fair, equal opportunity environment in which our  employees can thrive both professionally and personally.

DSL is a forced labour and child labour free facility. Each of our employees is a part of the company family and treated as such. DSL has a number of measures in place to ensure optimum safety in the workplace meeting international standards.

We encourage a stress-free and enjoyable work atmosphere. In case of illness or an emergency, first-aid facilities are provided, along with sick rooms and in-house nursing. A range of activities are also organized periodically for employees such as religious events, talent competitions, educational programs, outings, trips and so on. We find that such events help them not only develop and strengthen relationships with each other, but also enriches them as individuals. Additionally, DSL is also actively involved in the creation and management of a multitude of CSR projects that are targeted towards serving both the employees and society.