Welcome To DSL Toys Ltd winners of The Ethical Gift of the Year 2020

100% Natural Rubber Production

All DSL toys are ethically made with love, we believe that our products should be made with the same care and attention as you show to your own children. We try to limit our environmental impact whilst still providing a product that will help in your child’s development.
All the latex we use in our products is 100% sourced and processed in Sri lanka,. We only use Sri lankan rubber so we can ensure that we are working with established and developed plantations, rather than new plantations that may have been planted on deforested land. 
We believe in preservation and reforestation and we work closely with the plantation owners to ensure responsible farming to ensure our products are made in the most environmentally sustainable manner no chemicals are added to the land or the latex, making our raw material just as nature intended. 
Once we have our raw materials, we transport it to our bespoke manufacturing sites, where our talented staff turn it into the wonderful our Tikiri collections that you love. 
There are lots of process to go through and we are lucky enough to have some very talented people to help along the way, we have highlighted a few for you to have a sneak peak at, so we hope you enjoy. 

Concept and Design

When we decide on a new product, we gather our creative people together and we sketch up some ideas. Once we have selected the best one, this gets passed onto our sculpting team and they create a 3D model out of plaster. This way we can see if we need to make any changes, before we create our test moulds and our production moulds. 


This sounds like quite simple process and it is, we hand pour our vulcanised rubber into the moulds, turning as required before they are moved to a big oven and baked to a secret recipe, turning liquid into solid. 

Grinding and Trimming

Once we have removed the product from the moulds we need to get rid of all the extra rubber around the edges and any lumps and bumps, so we have a lovely smooth surface to paint on. 


This is where we add all those wonderful colours and details that make Tikiri Toys so adorable. In line with our environmental principles all our pigments are made from non-toxic vegetable dyes. 
Our talented artists hand apply facial features and details that make each toy unique.


All our products comply to European, American & Canadian toy safety legislation. We don’t add any harmful chemicals and we have full traceability on all of our products.