World’s first organic (GOLS) rubber toy brand

Company Background

A BOI Company, DSL Lanka has completed 27 years as a 100% export oriented soft toys, infant garments manufacturer and specialist in organic and natural rubber toys. DSL is one of the primary exporters in Sri Lanka. Supplying merchandise of the highest quality to discerning customers across the world. DSL Lanka (PVT) Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary of Douglas & Sons (PVT) Limited, popularly known as DSL among trade partners and customers, Douglas & Sons (PVT) Limited is the founder member company in DSL Group of Companies. 

DSL is proud of its in house practices, with over 900 responsible employees and the quality of services it can therefore render as result, through years of operation, the company’s efforts and result have been recognized via variety of international awards as follows; Gold Award of Loved Parents in UK 2013, Winner of presidential Export Award in 2008, 2014 & 2015 and The national Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) etc. .

Initially, DSL Lanka built its strength in the OEM sector operations and has been working with a host of internationally renowned, popular children characters. In the intervening time, DSL Lanka has launched their own exceptional range of Bonikka collection, Meiya & Alvin, Tikiri Toys and Good night Wilwood they become and international phenomenon, are distributed over 48 countries.

Being considered of our range, Tikiri Toys is driven by the ethically made for natural rubber, and the challenge of doing everything in a safe and toxic-free away. With our Sri Lankan design heritage; simplicity and functionality define our solutions. Everything is made for a reason, and each item has its own story and unique design.

Sri Lankan rubber industry has acquired historically proven core competences in natural rubber breeding, growing, primary processing & trading. DSL Lanka uses natural rubber to produce its natural rubber products range. Using natural rubber, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuel.

Our planet is influenced by all that we do. What we eat, drive and purchase has a significant effect on our natural surroundings. We as a whole leave our fingerprints on the planet. Furthermore, fortunately, we as a whole get the opportunity to choose what sort of fingerprints we clear out. It's our expectation at DSL that our work, our items, will enable you to leave a unique fingerprint to be glad for.

Being said that, DSL constantly involve in developing new ways of improving their economy for a sustainable and economically viable future, considering that, DSL Lanka stepped into their first milestone by declare opening their first rubber toy manufacturing plant on the 6th of August 2015 and company intended to launch their owned line up in the family of Tikiri Toys, with a successful story, DSL was able to archived 7.5$ m turnover in 2017. In recent years, under the leadership of the Director/CEO Mrs.Manohari Sheriff, DSL moves to the top of the soft and natural rubber toys manufacturing chain around the world. With sales on the rise, DSL is proud to announce their second expansion of rubber toy manufacturing, creating 100-150 new jobs while protecting the environment and helping developing countries to move to clean technologies in a new green world.

We strive to manufacture our toys responsibly, adhering to the strong standards and oversight process which reflects our commitment to safe working condition for our employees, ethical labour practices and environmental stewardship. Further, the process of responsible and ethical manufacturing practices are not new to Tikiri toys, we had gone through many running changes in order to make our packaging and products more sustainable, For instance, we moved from using virgin fibre stuffing over to PET re-cycled stuffing over 10 years ago and offer not only re-cycled PET stuffing but also, Corn fibre stuffing and GOTs certified cotton stuffing to all our buyers,we obtained our GOTs certification from Control Union Several years ago and very proud to mention that we are in the for front of worlds GOTs manufacturer list, We gradually moving most of our production to natural and recycled materials but do offer polyester-based toys to specific customers who need toys for price-sensitive markets,

Plus production of natural rubber toys which started in 2015 was yet another move to supply the world with an alternative to plastic-based toys which dominates the world toy market at 90%. In the packaging front, we moved to use of biodegradable plastic bags a couple of years ago and do our best to use as less packaging material as possible while ensuring that there is very little damage to the toys as we possibly can, while in transit